Cannot Link a Journal Entry to a Purchase Invoice

Continuing the discussion from Use Journal Entry as advanced payment against Invoice:

I have

  1. a Purchase Invoice for Supplier A
  2. a Journal Entry with a Debit Entry against the same Payable account as the invoice
    2.1. Supplier in linked to that Debit Entry

now I want to connect this same Debit Entry with the Purchase Invoice it would not be offered once I go into the dialog.

if I force it the connection (by manually entering the PINV number into the JV debit Entry) ERPNext throws and error at me:

Row 1: Party / Account does not match with Supplier / Credit To in Purchase Invoice PINV-2020-00xxx

I confirm the Supplier is the same in the Invoice as well as the Journal entry.

An identical process with a different supplier just went through exactly as described. For the love of god I can not identify any logical difference in the two example … and it drives me crazy

Can anyone point me to where to look for a solution?


Do you have only one master company setup? Mentioned this because I have 2 master companies setup and if the account at Purchase Invoice belongs to Company X and the account at Journal Entry belongs to Company Z, it cannot be submitted.

thx for the input. Good thought but it is a single company instance here.