Cannot Move beyond the installation wizard

I am working on installing ERPNext but so far i cannot go beyond the instalation wizard does anybody know how i can solve this issue please assist.Here is the link to exactly as similar problem, bnobody has been able to give a meaningful answer yet

I assume you are trying to install develop not production . I have not been able to install develop for months. Have complained and no answer, sot what I did, I installed production, got past Setup Wizard and switched to develop.

Thanks for the reply coldfire , how exactly do you switch to production is it the same as switching to master branch

Well i didn’t know how to install “production” then, i installed “develop” and then switched to “production” but i guess that’s why it didn’t make any difference.

How do we install the production version?

@cristus , i found a solution to the issue, there was a bug that was introduced in frappe bench and by updates done in the last one week , they have however fixed the issue so please try
$ bench update

NB/ stay on the develop branch, if it does not work please try to update erpnext

Has everything you will need. I personally recommend a manual install as it helps you learn what can go wrong and how to fix some of those problems, but there is also an easy install route if you need it.

Thank you i will have a look at that

Thanks @Kipngetich33 , actually i figured out that, i had installed ERPNext on Ubuntu 18 , whereas the requirements for installing on the Github was mentioned as Ubuntu 16. So i reinstalled my machine with Ubuntu 16 and gave it a try, and you know what, it worked… I don’t know if this is the case with any of you trying this, but otherwise, i think this solution of “bench update” should work.