Cannot set Batch No for Items within Product Bundle / Packed Items is 'Read Only'

Issue: I can’t set Batch No for the individual Items belonging to a Product Bundle on Delivery Note.

We’re having a problem setting batch numbers to submit delivery notes:

  • On a Delivery Note, unique Items are editable. You set the Batch No for individual line items under the table titled Items.
  • But for a Product Bundle, the Batch No for the child Items (the Items within the bundle) cannot be set under the table Items.
  • There is that note saying the product bundle is ‘considered’ from the Packing List table

For ‘Product Bundle’ items, Warehouse, Serial No and Batch No will be considered from the ‘Packing List’ table. If Warehouse and Batch No are same for all packing items for any ‘Product Bundle’ item, those values can be entered in the main Item table, values will be copied to ‘Packing List’ table.

  • But the line items under the table Packed Items are not editable.

I found a thread from 2020 that suggests the the line items of table Packed Items were editable last year, so it might be an issue with our update. We are using V13.

On the Delivery Note DocType, I compared the settings for the line Items (fetches Delivery Note Item) and Packed Items (fetches the Packed Item).

Under Permissions, Packed Items is Read Only, Items is not, so we tried to change the ‘Read Only’ field, but we get the following error message “You cannot unset ‘Read Only’ for field Packed Items”.

So a couple questions:

  • How is the Batch No for the individual Items within a Product Bundles supposed to be set? We now have a bunch of Delivery Notes we can’t submit, and it’s just a loop of going around in circles.
  • Why is the DocType Packed Items ‘Read Only’?
  • What does it mean to say “For ‘Product Bundle’ items, … Batch No will be considered from the ‘Packing List’ table”?

Unless there has been some change, for a Product Bundle, the Parent Item has to be a non-Stock Item. So it cannot be a batched item as batched Items are possible only for stock items.

I am also intrigued as to why you’d need a batch number for a Product Bundle, as a Product Bundle is when you are shipping two or more items (usually sales items themselves) as a bundle.

Since the constituent items can be batched items, maybe you can make the Batch Number of the Bundle the same as the Batch Number of the main item in the bundle that requires a batch number.

Hope this helps.



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Hi Jay, thanks for the reply – yes, correct. I am not trying to set a batch number for the Product Bundle. I want to set the batch number for the Items that belong to the bundle.

I’ll clarify that with an edit in the thread subject, and the original post.

Unfortunately I don’t think the idea of setting the Bundle number to the same number as the Item works because it’s a non-stock item and also we have multiple items in the bundle with a batch no.

We have a Product Bundle that contains ~20 different Items, of which ~10 Items have a Batch No.

Screenshot: Delivery Note

In the thread discussion from Delivery note Packing slip for Product bundle item, @FredericVerville shared a screenshot of what a Delivery Note looked like in 2020 including the Items in a Product Bundle.

There you could set the Batch No for the individual Items that belong to a Product Bundle, by editing the Batch No under Packed Items on the Packing List.

That Batch No column under Packed Items isn’t available on the Delivery Note I’m creating.

When I try to edit an individual line item under Packed Items, it is not editable, although I know that Item has an existing Batch with a Batch No and there is an error message saying the Batch No needs to be set.

Screenshot: Line Item under Packed Items

Screenshot: Error message ‘Batch No is Mandatory’

Yep. I see your problem. My ERPNext ver 13.2.1 is also demonstrating the same behavior. 13.5.x is the latest version. Check updating your instance and see if the problem has been resolved.

If the problem persists, you have to submit a Github Issue and wait for it to be fixed. In the meanwhile you can use the BOM and make a Manufacturing Entry to produce the bundled item and then ship it out. The HTML print format can list the BM Items as a Packing List. Or you can connect up a Stock Entry purpose Material Issue and Issue out out the Constituent Items while Billing the Item as a Service Item. You may have to remove the Product Bundle though.

All of them are not ideal solutions I know, but just temporary inelegant workarounds till the Product Bundle problem is fixed.

Hope this helps.



It should be patched in 2 days here is what the support told me :


The issue you are facing will be fixed in the next release, due in 2-3 days. Please find the link below to check the issue and the solution provided which will be updated for you in the next release.

Thanks for your patience."

Can’t wait for the update :slight_smile:

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Super, great news – thanks @FredericVerville :smile:

Thanks for the suggestions @JayRam