Delivery note Packing slip for Product bundle item : batch not fetching automatically


The problem I have is that the batches in the packing slip of a product bundle item are not fetching automatically, I need to enter them manually and it takes so much time for nothing. Is there a work around?

Thank you

What’s the point of having batch when you want it to be filled automatically?
You can only use auto fill when you only have 1 batch at a time but once you have stock with multiple batch then ofcourse you will have to select it manually.

We faced the same issue and in some doctype we have added custom code to pre fill it with closest expiry or if only 1 batch is available in the stock.

Yes I want the batch that is the closest to expiration date to be automatically selected like in a normal delivery note!

Can you help me with the custom code you entered? Tahnk you!

Hey sorry been busy and didn’t get to reply even thought I did type and forgot to submit.
It is on one of our app. Will have check

Please check out apps on

My ERPNext is on the cloud, can I still implement what you said? Tahnk you!

Do you mean on ERPNext subscription ? or Do you have your own VPS Cloud?

ERPNext subscription

Then you need to check with ERPNext team.

Hi Furkan,

Could you write me the code you wrote to fetch automatically the batch in the Product bundle item. I can’t find it in your app. It would be really appreciated. I will then ask to the support to add it to my cloud instance.

Thank you :slight_smile:


No Such code available. We never used Product Bundle Item practice.