Can't delete initial system manager created by new setup wizard (SOLVED)

I can’t delete the initial system manager that was created by the setup wizard when first connecting to a new ERPNext install. ERPNext seems to think the initial system manager is the ONLY system manager, even though I have several other users now with the System Manager role assigned.

If I try to delete the initial user I get an error message saying I must have at least one system manager. I can inactivate the initial user, but if I try taking away all assigned roles, I again get an error message saying there must be at least one system manager, and that the system manager role is being re-assigned.

Background - I installed ERPNext the “Easy Way™”, and then created several users (in addition to the initial system manager) to experiment with the sales and receiving process.A few days later I imported ~350 users (following a downloaded data template for user + child tables). I changed the user email domain, and the imported users had the new domain. I then tried to delete the original system manager user, as its email address was not not correct.

Is it not possible to delete the initial system manager? Is is possible the error message is misleading, because I do have other users with the system manager role assigned.


Did you over-write some properties while re-importing? I don’t think we have encountered this bug before. My feeling is that the child tables did not get imported. Can you check again? If you still can’t import, let us know, we will test it out.

Problem solved. I had accidentally incremented the value for “enabled” when I created the csv import file (i.e. instead of enabled = “1” for all 330 users being imported, enabled went sequentially from 1 to 330). Besides not being able to delete the initial “system manager”, applying filtering to the Setup > Users & Permissions > User page was giving unexpected results (including the default filtering when first accessing the page).