Can't delete ToDo item (SOLVED)

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[quote=“adityaduggal, post:1, topic:2363”]
…The problems we face in todo list tracking are: People who are assigned some work generally by mistake press the X button which deletes the TODO task and then there is no way to find it back since it is deleted from the system. …[/quote]

I must be missing something, because I can’t figure out how to delete a ToDo item (even logging in as Administrator). I first entered ToDo items, but want to delete them now and create Tasks instead. What am I missing?


ToDo item can be deleted by selecting the desire ToDo and click delete button as shown in below pic.

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Make sure you have “Delete” permission for ToDo doctype.

If you want to give delete permissions to users then check the DELETE checkbox in the role permission manager for TODO as per below screenshot.


Thanks @adityaduggal. I had incorrectly assumed that the System Manager role (or at least the Adminstrator login id) would have full privileges out of the box. Moral is to never assume anything! :wink: I need to spend more time looking at the permissions system.