Can't install app on frappe bench 15

I am trying to install an app from github. its a private repository and the command i used is:
bench get-app [repo-link]
it’s giving me an error of
remote: Repository not found.
fatal: repository ‘[git repo link]’ not found
is it because it’s a private repo or something else is the issue from my end?

Check the post.

I checked out the post. They are telling the same thing right ! to use the command :
bench get-app app-name or bench get-app [github-repo] and i have used the same but still getting an error

I am not trying to install erpnext. it’s already installed on my bench. I am trying to get a custom app from github. the github repo is private.

then you have to enter the username or token. but I think your case, check whether the app is available or not.