Can't upload bank statements in bank reconcilation


I am not getting any popup after clicking the “upload a statement” option in open bank reconcillation.
This used to work fine in version 11 and not in version 12.

Please Help.


Also, the upload and reconcile options pop up twice and sometimes more.

Reported here upload statement in bank reconcillation · Issue #18606 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Facing the issue after updating to version 12.

Any update on this

Please check and help guys! Really need this function to work.

Also had same problem, someone please help!!:disappointed_relieved:

Just submitted pull request to fix this: fix: Version 12 Bank Reconciliation fix by Mitchy25 · Pull Request #19182 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub


@Mitchy25 any word on when this pull request will be merged. There seem to have been no activity on it since 2 weeks ago.

Hi @flexy2ky,

I’m not sure. They have done some releases since merging this and this one hasn’t been included.

If you need the fix urgently, its quite simple to implement. Just look at the file changes section of the PR.


Hi @Mitchy25,

I decided to go with your suggestion and manually apply change. However after changing the code and bench build my bank reconciliation doctype is blank. See below image for changes I made:

Did I miss anything?

Try putting a comma after ‘allow_multiple:0’


modified the document accordingly but the doctype is still blank.

@flexy2ky - Send me an email at and I can help you out :smile:

@Mitchy25 Mail sent as requested.

@flexy2ky Did the solution provided by @Mitchy25 worked for you ?

@Pujan_Thakkar worked like a charm!!! I’m surprised his PR has not been merged.

Hi @Pujan_Thakkar. Would you like me to assist you?


@Mitchy25 issue resolved. Thank you for this mate.

I need some help on one more issue can I tag you in that discussion ?

Hi Punjab,

Absolutely! Tag away :slight_smile:


Tagged. Mate