Cash Payment to one off vendor

How do we make a payment of a one-off vendor (say for repairs)? I dont want to create a supplier account for this transaction.

Ideally speaking, It would have been great if the Payment Entry Screen would ask me Payment Type and Mode of Payment and the Party Type would give me a choice to select Miscellaneous. I could then type the name of the payee and the amount, and the General Ledger account where I would want the amount to be debited.

The payment side works well for Payables/Receivables, but how to handle payment if the payee doesnt fall in either category?

The general advice seems to be to use a Journal Entry, these threads may help

Thank you clarkej for a swift response. I wondered earlier, if I should use the Journal Entry for this purpose. But then I thought maybe ERPNext has something smart in store for me. :slight_smile:

How can we make it more seamless for the user? My suggestion would be as follows:

  1. Use the Payment Entry Form
  2. In the Payment From/To section, have another DocType called “Miscellaneous”
  3. Upon selecting Miscellaneous, the system should ask for
    (i) the Cash/Bank a/c from which payment is being made
    (ii) The General Ledger A/c to which the Debit entry will be made
    (iii) Amount being paid (the system should automatically convert this into a journal entry in the background.
    (iv) Party name to which payment is being made
    (v) Accounting Dimension (which is already being provided)

Any help/feedback/opinion from @umair would be great. @rmehta

Cheers! And everyone associated with ERPNext throughout the world - have a very happy 2020!

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