**CAUTION** Some new Ubuntu 20.04 VPS images are having problems

Here is what I have noticed over the past 2 weeks.

I have VPS hosting service through about 12 different VPS service providers. Some of them have started using Ubuntu 20.04 images that originate from “yandex.ru” and these are creating several different problems.

For some reason the sources for the packages that are in the image are corrupted. At least those sources that should exist on “yandex.ru” servers. This means that when you do an apt-get update and apt-get upgrade several of the pacakges do not properly upgrade.

Also, in the event you actually get one of these server images to (appear to) upgrade properly, you will likely run into problems installing simple things like the ‘git’ package. The installation of several of the pre-requisite packages for frappe/erpnext will fail and not be recoverable.

So, if you notice during the “apt-get update” process that most or even all of the sources reference locations on “yandex.ru” servers then it might be wise to use a different image. It is no fun to go through an hour of prep work only to find the OS image will not allow you to install some of your required packages.

This appears to only affect the Ubuntu 20.04 images at this time and not the Ubuntu 18.04 images. If you use the v18.04 from most of these providers they will work just fine and I have not found their sources to be hosted on “yandex.ru” servers.

This is just a warning to those that might be setting up a bunch of test-bed servers for sandbox testing. I wasted a bunch of time on this until I noticed the significance of where the sources were hosted.

Hope this helps someone else…

(NOTE: I started using the Debian 10 (Buster) images to get away from the proliferation of the poorly structured Ubuntu 20.04 images popping up at my service providers)

BKM :sunglasses:


And before anyone asks…

No, I will not “name and shame” any of the providers. Instead I have sent them service tickets pointing out the problems. They may or may not find it in their heart to fix them.

So far only 4 providers out of my list of preferred are using these images, but it seems to be growing in numbers every week.