Change cards design

hello every one,

can i change the cards design from the one on the left to the one on the right

thanks in advance.

Hi @Abdulkader_Sandouka,

welcome to this community. Your left picture is “Desktop 2.0” (see [Version 12] Killing the iconic desktop) it was forced in version-12. If you want to go back, you will have to revert to version-11 (assume self-hosted). There is also a nice theme available that at least optically improves desktop 2.0 Flat UI Theme for ERPNext v12.

It was as “forced in” as the other 4000 features in ERPNext. If you have other preferences, please be an active contributor or run your own free software project.

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Did not mean to offend you, sorry if that was the case. However, I used force explicitly because there was a long discussion, and not really a consent. And many users still struggle. But it is as it is.

And you will note/know that I and also my team actively contribute to ERPNext (cash, code, bugs, …). And I guess the desk 2.0 was one big part that kickstarted several forks…