Flat UI Theme for ERPNext v12

Something i had in mind since long, to do a flat version of UI for ERPNext v12 on the new desk 2.0. Would like to get some feedback. This is done as a custom app. And since i’m a new user, i can upload only one image.

I am a novice at using Git, so if someone can guide me how to upload the app to my repo, i will be glad to share it.

EDIT : I have uploaded the files to github. please download from here. Please notify me if it doesn’t work or if i need to do any changes.


@hashir nice work
you can read this to that:

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More screenshots


thanks @Mohammed_Redha.

Will check the guide.

@Mohammed_Redha any idea why the post is unlisted and the OP content is flagged?

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@hashir I really like the design, do you have or find any documentation to how to create a custom UI in the v.12 ?

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Very nice design - it could be a cool idea to have a directory with Themes available for erpnext.


This is great, let me know if you want my help on sending to your repo.

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Good to see some colours. Many competing ERP throw in lots of eye catching UI without many meaningful functions but customers fall for it. Have got review that ERPNext is very bland. Serious customers take ERPNext and after few months of usage realise the power and potential behind it. Would be good if this kind of UI comes to core.


i dont have any documentation specific for custom UI, but few discussions which gave me some idea on how to create an app are,


Basically what i did was create a new app from bench using,
bench new-app app name

It created few files. And then i added my css in the public/css folder within the new app. The css path was also added on hooks.py

Then i installed the app to my site using,
bench --site sitename install-app appname.


I will be posting link to the files once its on github.


This is good. If you need help with git then feel free to ask.

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Totally Agree. ERPNext is a really powerful and truly functional ERP system. Similar UI and colors will add value, for customers who go by looks.

yes please. i am using erpnext on bitnami stack. will that be ok?

Yes it is fine.
The easiest I can suggest is to create account on github.
Create new project and just copy paste all the files if there are only css n js from the ui customisation.

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i wish to work on more pages and design elements. so it would be good if i can push the new changes too. i already have an account on github and project created.

Thank you so much! I have to start “play” with template soon!

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i have pushed the theme to github. Thanks for helping me out.