Changes to Service Provider Listing

We will only list member service providers on the service provider listing.

Non - member who wish to keep their listing are invited and encouraged to become a member.

Gold, Silver, Individual are categories of memberships.

Gold membership is priced high and contribute more money to foundation funds. They will be prioritised in listing.

Silver membership is priced lower than gold but higher than Individual. They will be prioritised in listing under Gold Members/Service Providers

Individual membership is least priced and the listing will not get any priority

This will be in effect from 1st March 2018.

Edit :


Is this mean, you are going to remove non member from Service Providers?

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What is the meaning of “will not get any priority”?


Sorry, was this put to vote? It’s a big change! Sounds a bit of a surprise and coming out of the blue!

I have one more query,
Is this will also remove members from service providers who not giving any services for Implementation or Customisation?

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How does one know they are not providing any of the service (implementation or customization) if they choose to be listed as a service provider?

As long as someone is a member of the foundation and he/she decides that their name should be listed as ‘Service provider’ should remain. No one should make a judgment and decide on the listing.

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I also concur with this question?


I think this only means that they will not get priority in the order of listing similar to Gold or Silver members but paid individual members would be still listed. It is just the order of listing as mentioned in the foundation membership link also.


So individual members who pay, don’t get listings? not clear.

This is a simple topic to write a clear position on who gets what for how much.

As I said in my post, it is the “order of listing”, no one is saying individual members who pay don’t get listed. I am not sure what has lead you to that interpretation.

your post mentions gold and silver and leaves out the normal members. so what should anyone interpret? :smile:

I upvote to stop free listing for the non-members and free Service Providers. Following are some of the reasons why I say so.

  1. Many Service Providers are not active now. It would be expensive for the foundation to track activation of these members. Some customers try reaching to inactive Service Provider which leaves a bad impression.

  2. The active service providers has generated good leads and incentives from the listing. Now, that foundation has given them enough exposure and business to get started, it’s just fair to ask them to become a foundation member for the continued listing. Afterall, foundation is a non-profit and has it’s own roadmap to fullfill, for which resources are needed as well. Our individual membership starts with just $200/year.


What about those that answer questions, help others on here? they are not worth anything? even people who ask questions are doing something here. how do we keep them engaged and included? in the end i pay. but i am kinda worried about how little time is spent to community concerns and lot more on internal concerns.

Although it doesn’t showcase anything on discourse has nice feature to check user stats and activity. 7000+ users right now.
Frappe Forum

For volunteers and community members who contribute there is foundation fellowship discussed on one of the calls Summary of Foundation Call on 16th November 2017.
According to the call, this month we’ll nominate more fellows. Existing Fellows are listed here

I don’t think there are internal concerns? Only internal concerns for team and developers are their github issues, milestones, PRs, forks and code.

I don’t think such quality of software would be actively developed and given away for free if the team had internal concerns.

They’re working on many useful apps and developer tools. Most of the experiments may fail. Some will succeed. Follow the github repositories.

Only problem here is,
There are no ETAs and
Developers prefer to choose work as per their liking.

Do report your concerns.


I think the concerns/requests have been put forth by many :

  1. Maintenance of long term stable versions
  2. Encourage integrations as opposed to saying “why don’t you use the XZY feature in ERPNext?” (because people are already invested)
  3. Creating a shared vision → what is the point of a foundation if they foundation cannot create shared vision, path and hold itself accountable to an ETA as opposed to “as the developers like”
  4. Print /barcode /qrcode

Finally, those who have listings and not paid, best way to convert them into paying members.
Instead of doing adwords or another type marketing.

100 unpaid members converted x $200 = 20k (that is worth 40 months of marketing budget & efforts)

Worth trying than kicking it to the kerb!

Thanks for listening!

ok i understand it better now. thanks for that Pawan!

Some just pay money to listed as Members of or some buy membership to donate money money to foundation. So their should be option to list as member but not list as service providers?


Agree. That’s what I’m asking. How do we as foundation differentiate between service provider cum member and only member?


We ought to have a separate listing for the Service Providers and members. Long time pending.