Chart of accounts import/export

I have exported the chart of accounts ok,
I then tried to import back in the unmodified file.
But I get the error:
Error for row (#64) Income - BOÐ : Root cannot be edited.
I get this error on the 4 base accounts.
I also tried translating the fields but got even more errors.
I did not modify the structure of the document just to see if this worked.
Has anyone got this working?
Is there any developer documentation on creating Country specific charts of accounts?
I am trying to create charts of accounts for Iceland.

In version 4, editing root account is not possible.

We are implementing “country-wise chart of accounts” in version 5. But charts for Iceland is missing, you can contribute the chart in json format. You can check the format in
In the json file, you have to build the tree and mention root_type and account_type wherever applicable.

Thank you for the clear reply.
I have looked at the charts on the link provided.
I am wondering what is the best developed chart there for erpnext?
Or what chart would you suggest we use to develop the chart from for Iceland?
Or is it maybe best to pay you to do it?

We have no expertise/knowledge about chart of accounts of Iceland. All the templates in the above link, we imported from the project “Odoo” (formerly openerp). And that is the beauty of open source.
May be you can start using, which is the same as the charts available in version 4.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
We can modify this file into the charts for Iceland.
Once tested we will do a PR.

Now you can contribute the chart of accounts for your country via Contribute Chart of Accounts for your country