Chart of accounts update


I am trying to upload my .json chart of accounts as I had done a couple of months ago. Although my terminal says it was uploaded 100%, my chart of accounts has a different name but the contents remain the same as the standard chart.

Did the directory change?


Can you explain the steps you are using to upload?

@rmehta, above is an image of what I wrote in my terminal in order to upload my .json file.

This is the file I tried to upload. file://localhost/Users/SofiaMaria/Desktop/WORK/Startrack/ERPNext/Virtual%20Machine/gt_cuentas_plantilla.json

My terminal says it was uploaded successfully. The name of my chart of accounts changes but the actual accounts remain the same.

Can you share your file? Is this a standard CoA?

Hi rmehta,

Yes it is a standard chart of accounts. The .json file is attached to the email.


@sofia Thanks. will try and push this today.

@rmehta thanks, please let me know if/when any developments are made. Or if there is anything I can do on my end to upload it successfully. I was able to do it before but no longer am able to do. I don’t know why.

On my list for today. (If I can finish answering questions! - I can be a lot more productive if people pitch in for answering.)

Worked alright for me.

Just pushed to develop.

I dropped it in the verified folder and created a new company, selected country “Guatemala” and it showed me the option.

Hi rmehta,

Thank you very much!!! This is great.

Unfortunately I have another issue related to accounts.

When I download the excel of accounts and then upload the exact same excel without editing anything, it says “upload failed” because"cannot edit root type" of parent accounts, which I did not do.

Also, when I try to convert a non group account to a group account I get this message when I click save:

thank you!

Just remove the root type column and update again.

Worked okay for me, how are you setting it?

thanks! I removed the root type from the .csv and it worked.

As for the groups, I just deleted the accounts in the tree and made new ones.

Hi Sofia - If you’re in Guatemala can you please contact me?

Hi Olivier,

Yes I am in Guatemala.

Can you please email me your contact info - might need your help for implementation. I’m Thx.

Sure, my email is

@sofia I understand you made your own CoA. Did use the CoA bulider GitHub - frappe/chart_of_accounts_builder for that by any chance?
I struggle with building a custom CoA right now and such a tool would be very welcomed. It’s just massively unclear to me how to use it practically.
Could you explain the procedure?

Now you can contribute the chart of accounts for your country via Contribute Chart of Accounts for your country