Chat button in top bar in Version 11

Chat button is not showing the top bar. I have installed v 11 developer. I just migrated the sql from version 10.

Any way to show it?

Is it enabled ?

Go to System Settings and check if enable_chat checkbox is ticked. If not, tick the checkbox and save the form and refresh the page.

I have same issue:
upgrade from v10 ->v11(staging);

  1. no enable_chat in system settings.
  2. don’t have chat page

Did you run bench migrate in terminal ?

Yes. I already run bench migrate

Hi @Zlash65 , Can you help to check the permissions files in /frappe/frappe/patches/v10_0 and v11_0?
Maybe because of file permissions, some of the patches don’t run.
I installed a fresh new instance, everything works well.

Try this, in bench terminal run

bench --site site_name console

# in bench console run
frappe.reload_doc('core', 'doctype', 'System Settings', force=True)

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@Zlash65 Seems like this patch requires a rerun.