Classic theme for Frappe/ERPNext v13

Hello everyone,

This one is based on my personal preference for minor visual changes on the new v13. Desk background color, white backgrounds for input fields to stand out from read-only fields, smaller size on heading texts, sleek scrollbar etc and some tweaks here and there. Feel to free to try it out and give feedback. Download from here.


I installed it.

How do I activate it?

Most cases, once theme is installed, you can see the theme when you reload the site. else try bench clear-cache and bench restart

excellent theme! Good job Hashir!
First thing I see is free real estate on home page.

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Thanks @Zaf

So what’s next @hashir ? You have freed up valuable real estate space in each module. Dare I think interactive charts like odoo? :slightly_smiling_face:


I like it, good job

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I am wondering whether it is possible to make it part of the theme switcher like the standard lighter and dark theme as per user option?


I am getting the following error, while trying to install the app:

 Installing Whitetheme v13...
An error occurred while installing Whitetheme v13:Module import failed for Test Runner (frappe.core.doctype.test_runner.test_runner Error: No module named 'frappe.core.doctype.test_runner.test_runner')

How do I fix this?

Thank you.

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Nothing specific in mind now. no idea about interactive charts @Zaf. is it similar to Frappe charts?

i might be able to get this done as part of theme switcher if somebody could guide me how theme switcher works, or the files/folder to look for it…

I am guessing this error is not related to any of the theme files. May be troubleshoot other custom app or settings on your installation?

After last update 13.9.2
After install the theme not working and not change the elements
How can I do ? @hashir

I wonder this my self
been asking around the same question in the telegram contributor group several weeks ago

any luck?


Hi @hashir
I have a question please, what is the effect of app_color variable at
I can’t notice any change?

@hashir Does this theme also work with V14?


i haven’t tried it with v14 yet, mostly should work. if someone has tried it, please share your comments.

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