Elegant Theme for Frappe/ERPNext v13-beta

is it possible to use it for V12?

i havent tried this theme on v12 yet. You can use the below one for v12,

Flat UI Theme for ERPNext v12 - Developers / Customization - Discuss Frappe/ERPNext

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Tested on my V13 server and it work peferctly.
great job!

Could we change the size/resolution of the logo?

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Add the below to the app’s css/redtheme_app.css and replace 150px with your logo width.

.app-logo {
width:150px !important;

will check on this if I can install it on our ERPNext. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

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Sorry but, no idea what’s going wrong. Could you try on a fresh install?


--drop column from sql
ALTER TABLE `tabModule Def` DROP COLUMN `custom`;

Hi @hashir - Great theme!! However, my site doesn’t seem to have picked all elements as seen on your screenshot. What might be the issue?

Hi @mikemayaka

Your version of ERPNext is version 13… This theme is made and fully compatible for version 13-beta only…

For version 13, you may use the below theme, but it doesn’t change much things around. You can customize colors from its css though…

Classic theme for Frappe/ERPNext v13

Thanks @Suresh_Thakor. That error has been resolved. But now there is a new error as below:

Installing redtheme_v13b...
An error occurred while installing redtheme_v13b:
Module import failed for Video Settings (erpnext.utilities.doctype.video_settings.video_settings Error: No module named 'erpnext.utilities.doctype.video_settings')

Theme has been applied, though there was an error as shown above.

remove completely then reinstall it.

Hi @hashir, this theme looks great…thumbs up, am wondering is it really working with v13.18.0? I have tried to install it but its crumbling everything, someone has to rebuild frappe requirements again since its causing errors, has anyone tested it within the latest version of ERPNext…ie V13.18?

Hi @bkanyi,

This theme is for the v13-beta version which had a different layout.

For v13, you can use the below

This is not much like the other themes, but some cleanups and tweaks.

Hey @hashir thank you for the response, I have managed to install the theme and I have it running now, am just wondering, how do I customize it further i.e

  1. I would like to have the left modules navigation active & hover to hhave blue back ground
  2. To have the svg logo at the top bigger, I have changed the svg logo but it appears too tiny, your help is highly appreciated.

hi have you tried redesigning the desk

Hashir get i have your number i have a project i wish to discuss with you

Hi Sir, I managed to have the theme installed in my V13 instance, I just wanted to know, how can I change the background color of the navigation/top bar to a custom color, I have tried playing around with frappe scss and erpnext scss files but nothing is working, can the change be done in the whitetheme css? if so, whats the variable to use

This is Great. :ok_hand:

Would this work on version 14 erpnext?

Got my Answer, :cry: it doesn’t work with 14

Yes looking somthing similar for tally