Colour coded dots.....and can't initiate a quote or sales order

Hi, Trying learn and evaluate ERPnext on a local installation. On the Selling screen, if I hover over “Quotation” or “Sales Order” a pop up advises “You need to create this first Customer”

I do not understand this - I have several customers created already.

I also see colour dots to the left of many (but not all) menu items. On my local install, Customer and Quotation are yellow, on the online demo they blue and red respectfully. What do these mean? Could someone explain the meaning of these please? If its available in the manual I could find it by searching.


This may help How to change the color of statuses in ERPNext?

thanks for the suggestion.

I still can’t find in the documentation table translating what these colour dots mean, someone put them there for a reason.

what do the coloured dots mean in this context?

I can’t initiate a quote, says I have to enter a customer…I have entered customer!

Any suggestions?

Same question - what does blue mean? In this example, Payment Entry has no color, but it does have entries / transactions in it.


Has notifications: RED
In a Dashboard and Has records: Blue
In a Dashboard but no records: Orange
everything else Grey

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