Communications prompts for the creation of a new email account

I have Installed:
ERPNext: v8.1.1 (master)
Frappe Framework: v8.1.1 (master)

since the introduction of email inbox I have been having trouble viewing request when I click on the notification popup and select either email or communications I am taken to below. I already have the email account created under setup/emailaccounts/ and set to append to so why does it not know they exist?

Would you mind sharing the screen shot of your email account setup.

Its is the same email setup that has been working since before you introduced email inbox and when I click save its validates what are you looking for specifically?

I believe its how email inbox was implemented I have commented on this before and how it it is linked in the database…

I have not played with roles or permissions however I went on and reset them using bench reset-perms and the inbox now shows content it really concerns me that this stuff keeps happening when new features are released.

this has shown up again I have 60 alerts to communication yet when I click on the alert it tells me I have now email account how could this be p[possible if the system is aware of 60 items?

For the record imllc, your report observations may relate to this ‘notification count inconsistency’ issue

Unread message indicator in desktop - how to decrease count - #14 by clarkej

I think the problem is that when you have an account set to append to communication for incoming and outgoing you actually have to open the email in ERPNext and close it you can not just do a mark as read this is very annoying and a duplication of effort if we are using imap and exchange this should go away during sync and only communications that we want actionable should be shown in ERPNext. I find this new inbox to be very cumbersome and in many cases a major drawback to ERPNext successes on other items before this was implemented the workflow was much better.