Community artwork

So ERPNext is a Open Source project the community around this proyect can help to promote this app.

So commuty artwork is a great a way to share to the world this app:

A example here with a t-shirt for the 5 release:

Here is this repo: GitHub - williamjmorenor/erpnext-community-artwork: Community ArtWork for ERPNext

If frappe team clone the repo I can translate the ownership of the repo to them.

And I work is SVG, and trustme than Indesing and Illustrator can work wih SVG files.


Thanks @williamjmorenor

We are planning to come up with a new design for v5 - maybe you can upgrade it after that? Stay posted!

@rmehta so V5 is now available, there will be any change in the ERPNext logo?

Look like this is the new frappe logo:

The ERPNext will still use this logo?

Or ERPNext will become Frappe? There is some thing I will like to help, things like a Publican Brand to help people to make community documentation, I just think than ERPNext is a app build on top of Frappe Framework so thet can have different brands, but i want to ask about if is OK to keep using this ERPNext in community artwork

@williamjmorenor no plans of changing erpnext logo yet. @anand ?

Well, Abhay from StudioMarch said that we should use a simple E logo in omnes font, like the favicon on website. An F logo for Frappe.

@anand I agree with Abhay.
I really like the idea of using a simple and clear logo/brand to differentiate between your two main user types. A simple colour based icon helps people navigate when English is their second language as well.
You can still use your existing logo’s as secondary brand identifiers no problem.
Just my 2c.

@williamjmorenor I can help you out with some documentation when the dust settles on my current (and first) NextERP project. I left a few ideas on gitter about documentation yesterday.

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Publican theme:


To use in Fedora just install the rpm above (publican is not packaged for RHEL and CentOS)

To install publican in other operative system please see:

And you will need to install the brand by hand:
1- wget
2- tar xvzf publican-ERPNext-0.1.tar.gz
3- cd publican-ERPNext
4- publican build --formats xml --langs all --publish
5- sudo publican install_brand --path path
where path is the path to the Publican Common Content files. For example, on a Linux system, run:
sudo publican install_brand --path /usr/share/publican/Common_Content
or on a Windows system, run
publican install_brand --path “C:/Program Files/Publican/Common_Content”

Now to create the book run:

1- publican create --name=prueba --brand=ERPNext
2 cd prueba
3 publican build --langs=all --formats=html,pdf

and under /prueba/tmp/en-US/html/ you will have a site liki this one:

and under /prueba/tmp/en-US/pdf/ you will find a PDF like this one:

To learn more about publican see:

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We are going to make a sticker from this :smile:

Maybe Frappe team will like this sticker better

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@williamjmorenor I really like the “Powered by erpnext” logo’s you made. They will make cool stickers. Personally I prefer the Frappe “drink with straw” logo over the frappe “egg?” logo. Just my 2 cents. As with all art and design its all purely subjective so take no notice of my opinion :smile:

Yeah, the egg looks nicer without the borders

Today I logging in a site and see a big blue “E” in a rounded scuare as splash image … could be a good favicon, but I think this is not a good logo, people see a Fedora logo and think f=facebook, a big “E” not represent nothing to people than can see the logo and don’t know about ERPNext … but the name and the logo are trademark of Frappe so the can choose their product logo, I will keep using the old logo as a vintage product logo for commuty purposes, this is one of the advantages of CC and Open Source, so we are not doing comercial use of the logo we can still using the old logo without problems . I still want to make some stickers and a T-shirt but I like the old logo, :smiley:

@williamjmorenor I like the sticker designs you made. Who knows if you keep pumping out cool designs may become a globally recognised fashion brand like Gucci instead of an ERP developer :smile: If successful we will have to come up with a range of branded colognes. How does “Python by pdvyas” sound for a male fragrance?


We had to update the new logo as per our designers wishes. Given time and resources, we thought a new logo might go with the overall design and vision.

I hope we are done with logo changes for a while. That’s the 4th logo in 5 years!