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@anand and @rmehta thanks for this info about the logo update, I think than current logo of V4 can be used as a secondary brand for v5 in community ArtWork.

@System19 Nice to see more people than want to help with the documentation

I see than the user manual is hosted at github here: GitHub - frappe/manual_erpnext_com: Abandoned. Moved to:

In Frappe Cloud I find than the manual is licenced under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 License.

So my plan is:

1- Make a Publican Brand for ERPNExt and maybe package this Brand in Fedora Repos and Epel Repos
2- Convert the markdown to Docbook/XML ( to manage the manual with publican.
3- Use the multilanguage suport of Publican to translate the manual into Spanish, let other user to translate the manual to others language.
4- Build the documentation in spanish and share the source Docbook/XML in github

Why Publican?
Publican is a OpenSource tool to admin documentation based in Docbook/XML, Publican is the tool to build Redhat, Fedora, Ovirt, and many others Open Source projects, Debian use Docbook/XML to manage the documentation, from a single Docbook/XML manual Publican can create PDF,EPUB, MarkDown and HTML documentation, also publican can create .po files to easily translate the manual to any language needed and build, in the process I wil try to improve the manual and send the changes upstream.

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Do post once you setup a repo! Will be keen to see what pelican structure looks like.

The brand is done and in the way to Fedora repos: Community artwork - #10 by williamjmorenor

This is a example github repo, please follow link above to install publican and ERPNext brand.

To use and build the manual:

1. Clone the repo:
git clone GitHub - williamjmorenor/manual_erpnext_publican: Publican DocBook/XML fork for ERPNext manual

2- Enter the publican book directoty
cd manual_erpnext_publican

3. Publish the manual
publican build --langs=all --formats=pdf,html,epub

This will create a /tmp directory and a dub directory for each language, so there is only the source lang there will be only a en-US directory, under this directory you will find the html, pdf a epub file.

There a is a litle bug than I am trying to fix so the PDF output is using Blue Color in Titles and not the same Black colo in the website.

This is the fun part, translate the manual to other language:
In the publican book directory run:

  1. Prepare manual for internacionalization with
    publican update_pot

This will create a pot directory with all strings than must be translated

  1. Create .po files for the lang than you want to translate

publican update_po --langs=es-ES --firstname= --surname= --email=

This will create a es-ES directory with .po files than can be translated with your favorite tool, I like virtaal

Then just run:

publican build --langs=all --formats=pdf,html

And you will get a User Manual in many languages and many formats from a single xml language source.

I will import the current user manual to the DocBook/XML formats (this is the hard part :sweat: ) after that i will push the source en-US lang so any user will be easiy translate the manual to the lang for choose.

To update or improve the manual changes need to be made in the source en-US XLM files, the update_pot to get the modified strings and update_po to update the .po files and update the transalarions.

If you you think than there is a lot of work, you are right, but I do not know other tool than let you work with a manual in a plain text source than you can track with git a make publit to any one who want to help to improve the manual or translate it with the tool than you want, note than I am using virtaal locally, but when you have a document ready to translate in .po files you can use online tools like:

Thank is you read all the post!

Maybe we can write a script to directly convert the pages from manual_erpnext_com to the docbook/xml format

It should not be too hard.

First though, I still need to finish, then will work on this.

ERPNext maybe is the best documented Open Source App available … it has a large and comprensive documentation … but there is not easy way to keep this documentation up to date, and there is not any easy to way to translate it to any languaje.

The Settiing Up Section of the Manual is already en the DocBook/XML formast and translated into Spanish with a book quality output, well images will need a few more of work :frowning: .

Now anyone can easily translata this section to other languajes, I think this can be cool.

@rmehta please note that Pack Publishing can public the ERPNext Manual as the “Working with ERPNext” bokk, after some tunning of course, a “Working with ERPNext” will be a terrific way to improve this ERP to the world and get some funds to help to the developer team.

As far as I know Pack Publishing work with dockbook and it is company than publish the “Working with OpenERP” and the “Adempiere Cook Book” Book … even i can be a coathor :smile:

@williamjmorenor nice, this is pretty interesting.

I will put this on my list (maybe in the next 2-3 weeks) have some other minor projects to finish.

The manual is already available in docbook xml, all strings are update in pot templates, can I open a project in transifex for ERPNext add push the strings of the manual so any user can translate the manual to theirs respective language?

@williamjmorenor awesome.

@neilLasrado is working on replacing the images and fixing the structure.

@williamjmorenor if you could wait till Monday it would be great.(for pushing strings into transifex) I am pushing in Updates for the manual. (replacing screens, fixing the structure etc. )

is there any updated ERPNEXT manual in PDF version? I wish to print a copy

You can build you manual in PDF using publican in the github pare there is

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Hi @williamjmorenor
Can this be done for Portuguese ?
Will this sit on the ERPNext Docs folder or is just to be a local/server and updated to PDF so user can download ?