Comparison prices and Services Provider business model

Has anyone looked at price comparisons lately? What are your thoughts?

I attended a Xero event this week and was told they are $30/month for unlimited users, not $30/user/month as shown on However, it seems that a significant number of their customers are one-person companies, so “unlimited” isn’t really what you think. What do you think about pricing? The last thing I would ever want to do is compete based primarily on price, but the comparison will always be made.

I’m trying to understand the business side of representing ERPNext and where ERPNext fits in my local eco system (e.g. Western Canada). My goal of course is understand how best to prospect for clients. I’m seeing IT dev shops provide ERP-related services (mostly traditional desktop ERP, and charging quite high rates for eCommerce integration projects), and also see ERP pitched to professional accounting services companies (e.g. the Xero pitch a couple nights ago) to use in the background for producing financial statements (although a services provider may have a larger client who has their own people interacting with the ERP). Rates were much lower for the accounting companies and business was more on providing annual “compliance” to clients rather than individual projects ($2K~$3K/client/year for compliance only, target $6K/client/year if also “advising”), and the client pays the hosting fee.

What products are you competing with in your area? Can you share insights? A rising tide floats all boats… :wink: