[Conference 2018] Livestream Starts tomorrow at 4.30am GMT/10am IST


Livestream will start morning at 4.30am GMT/10am IST on both 26th and 27th of October!


Hey folks!

We have received quite a few proposals to present at this year’s conference.

So, to keep the experience uniform for the audience, and also viewers joining over YouTube, here are some guidelines:

How will I present?

  • 1 Laptop will be provided at the podium/table on the left corner of the hall where the presentation will be pre-loaded
  • Wireless microphone to talk
  • Projector connected to the laptop with the screen on the stage in the background
  • Presentations will be accepted in PDF only
  • A Google drive link will be provided where speakers can upload their slides prior to the event
  • Speakers can carry their presentations in a USB drive as well

How long can I present for?

  • Ideal timing will be around 7 to 10 mins
  • There will be some time allotted for Q and A with the audience post presentation

Presentation Style

  • Keep it simple
  • The audience should be able to read the slides
  • Use a larger font size with easy to read font style
  • Keep the text short and crisp
  • Avoid including any audio/video along unless absolutely necessary to convey the point
  • Aspect ratio - 4:3
  • Keep a simple, preferable solid background
  • Darker background with light text preferable. eg: black background with white text. Avoid any loud colour combinations like green and red, yellow and red, etc.
  • Practice your talk :grin:
  • While delivering a talk, try staying in the area marked on the stage for you.
  • You can have a look at our previous talks for reference

Please upload your presentations here in advance.


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Uploaded 2 presentations(pdf) on Google drive.

What is audience background breakup, any idea ? It will help in creating the presentation

  • How many new users
  • Service Providers
  • Experienced Users
  • Potential Users

Don’t forge the audience on YouTube! But the conference is mostly regulars… so very few newbies, but the online audience will be probably people evaluating ERPNext too… maybe you can pick your comfort zone… or some direct experiences which you found interesting to share!

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Dear Umair,

Uploaded a presentation for your review. Thanks.

Hello, some presentations from yesterday and today are not uploaded. Please upload them,

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