[Conference 2018] Propose A Talk!

Hello all,

Keeping this thread open for the 2018 conference agenda. If you want to talk at the conference please post your proposal below. Please introduce yourself and add a paragraph about what you want to talk about.

Also feel free to add :heart:s to proposals!


Proposal: Open Hardware and ERPNext

I would like to give a presentation on the ideation, development, hardware prototyping (pcb, pcb assembly, 3d printing) of Ntimer (Hardware Employee Time Tracking with RFID Chips).

The project will be, as far as I know, the first hardware implementation for ERPNext and is one of many open hardware project ideas we want to build to integrate humans and machines into ERPNext.

If this is interesting give me a :heart:


Proposal: ERP Implementation : Our Experience

I’d like to propose a talk on our experience implementing ERPNext across our organisation with 4 manufacturing locations, Head Office and two entities (companies) with 60 executive staff and almost 3000 staff working in the farms daily. We are migrating from a custom FoxPro implementation to ERPNext. We have a Dev team of two and one PM.

Challenges have been technical and organisational. It’s year three of our implementation and I think we will finally reach 100% by end of this financial year. Significant amount of coding has been done to get our custom functionality migrated.

I would like to only do this talk if it is beneficial to the community and would request people to send me specific questions regarding this so I can understand what the community expects from such a talk.

My talking points would be

  1. Why switch?
  2. Our mistakes.
  3. What we would have done differently.
  4. What professional services/ecosystem would help in execution and implementation?





Proposing a talk on “Building a business around ERPNext”. It should be primarily aimed at Dos and Dont’s for the ERPNext Service Providers and engaging with the ERPNext community for the large-scale implementations. We got some case studies to share )



Proposing a talk on how Frappe and ERPNext can revolutionise the way we see about managing complex data with relations. The talk will include the following case study:

  1. Modified ERPNext to support and manage everything in a school
  2. Managing a film production and rights company keep track of all of their movie rights including their selling and buying records.
  3. How we managed to use Frappe as a base sync API for first entry point of data collection for a Food/Grocery supplying application
  4. How Frappe helped us build an efficient Customer Service Portal for a Rigs company.
  5. How Frappe helped us build open API for small scale and medium scale web applications. Here Frappe will act as CMS for the entire website or web application.

This will also include the basic technical aspects of the issues faced by developers and how easily we can manage them out.

Sibidharan Nandhakumar,
Founder and CEO, Aftertutor Ventures Pvt. Ltd.


I would like to talk about ERPNext Foundation and why it is important to raise money (close to $500k) for the foundation and remove dependency of service providers (including Frappe Technologies), to ensure a sustainable 100% open source ERP for everyone.

In this talk, I would like to cover what is the “real cost” of running a project like ERPNext.

  • Bug fixes
  • Community support
  • Documentation
  • New feature support
  • Code review
  • Testing
  • Release management
  • Performance improvement

Frappe Accounting

An overview of Frappe Accounting, simple offline accounting software for everyone. Comparison with existing solutions.


I can give a talk on version 11 features


A V11 perk:

Marketplace: Discover Products and Communicate with Sellers


Proposed Title: ERPnext Foundation Q&A and Planning Roundtable

Reason: Our foundation is still in its infant stage. And there are lots of great ideas floating around but it is still difficult to discuss, collaborate, find common ground, and build plans and proposals when we can not get together. The Foundation needs the community and leaders to show up with great plans and pivots with the ability to move fast in order to thrive and grow. Likewise many people still have questions about the Foundation. Similar to our code sprints, we can get a lot done when we are together, and we can build a lot of trust as we collaborate on great ideas and plans for the future.

Join us, not for a lecture, but a conversation resulting in a ERPnext Foundation sprint.

Form: The proposed round table discussion would be a sprint or work meeting to discuss questions and ideas and dive into the best ideas and help to move them forward through consensus and discussion.

You control the discussion and the agenda! Click on the linked thread and add your question or idea now. The moderators job will be to help keep the conversation focused on making sure sides to every idea are heard and facilitate consensus building as we hone ideas we can all get behind. The result being a preliminary set of proposals with collaboration on details and community support that we can keep working on after the conference.

I’m excited to see what we can accomplish when we can all (well not all, but a lot) get together to get things done. Because I believe 2 hours in the same room can equal 4 months of online discussion.

EDIT: This is not about features, software or bug ideas. This is about the Foundation itself.


We would like to propose a talk about opportunities of ERPNext in Egypt and North Africa : Our Success Story in Contracting Sector.

  1. Market insights about ERP implementations and opportunities in Egypt and North Africa.
  2. Monetization opportunities for ERPNext through providing valuable service for ERPNext resellers and service providers.
  3. The challenges and lessons learned from tweaking ERPNext for the use in the contracting business processes and practices in Egypt. (towards creating a standard implementation to establish an ERPNext brand in Egypt)

Indictrans would like to present on two subjects:

  1. Best Practices for ERPNext Implementation
  2. Challenges faced by Services Providers

I hope it will help users & services providers in different way.

Kanhaiya Kale

Request presenters to drop your presentation in the Google Docs folder link shared below.