Configure email alert for outstanding sales invoice

Dear Experts,

System should send an email if outstanding amount for an invoice is greater than 0 after due_date.
Please see attached screenshot, is it ok?




Looks good!

I do not receive mail, rather got error in scheduler log. Please see screenshot and suggest solution.


I think the error is related to the the “Email By” field.

From the frappe documentation:

Email By Document Field
Optional: Alert will only be sent if value is a valid email id.


What type of problem may be?
Iv checked again, there are many invoices with outstanding amount more than one day period.

Please explain.



In your email alert settings, under Recipients Table you have chosen the “Email By Document Field” as “outstanding_amount”, whereas that field needs to be a valid Email ID.

Choose “owner” instead. Should work fine.

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Its done. Thanks for your time.




One more thing pls, can we configure one email alert for all outstanding invoices?


I don’t think it’s possible. From my past experience, if two invoices are delayed, I get 2 different emails.

But Im not sure.

System sent me email only once. I need system should keep on sending email daily until an invoice is fully paid.

Thanks once again for your time.


Hi, this i a really great post.
Got 2 questions about it.

  1. What field does the “Owner” refer to?
  2. How can I refer to the “Email Id” of the Billing Address?

where to find this settings?
we want similar one