Consolidated reports with multi dimensions

Hi everyone )

I have such a companies tree:
1 head company: head
several children companies: child 1 - child 4

they have inherited chart of accounts and that’s whay I can make consolidated report for all of them and for everyone selected.
but, they have distinct sales channels (sales options) , which must also be calculated, for example:
child 1 has delivery option
child 2 has delivery and bakery sales option
head has bakery sales option
and all of them instead of head have retail sales option

the reports needed:

  1. I need to be able to make consolidated report for all of them in all ways - to see overall results
  2. I need to make consolidated report for all of them in specified sales channels - to see comparative results
  3. I need to make reports for all companies filtered and summed by sales channels - to see specified results

the question sounds like that:
what instruments in ERPnext can be used to make such reports at the same time (cost center, finance book or maybe smth like that)
and if it is possible, then I’d be very thankfull, if such solutions someone can provide with examples of implementation, cause I’ve already had blown my head with thinking of them.

Hi masakari,

Have you explored the accounting dimension feature in ver 12. I believe that’s what the accounting dimension has been designed for.



Yes, I have such feature, but I cant figure, how can I use it in consolidated reports, cause it is not present in filtering of that reaports.
If you know, how to enable it there, I would be appreciate for explanation )

how about this proposal

  1. add one sales channel field into sales order, delivery note and sales invoice, populate it based on other existing field(derivation) or manually input from sales order, then auto copy to delivery note and billing
  2. add this new sales channel field in the register report

can you show in examples, how to do it, cause I’m not familiar with this

as of now, this is just a draft idea how to implement. so no demo or screen can be provided. maybe you can find other developer to implement this feature for you if the idea is Okay for you ,

thanx for idea :slight_smile:
but I thought that you are a developer )))
I’ll try and let know here the results

Does this help?



Thanx, but I think, that not :frowning:
This accounting dimensions feature can’t be assigned, when consolidated reports are built.
It was the first , where I looked for solution.
At this moment I’m trying to make advantage to standard consolidated report by adding dimension filtering.
If I success in it, I’ll share the result here.
If no, I’ll come here anyway for help :slight_smile: