Could not delete Website User

I could not delete website user. I am getting below link


I tried going to roles permission manager and selected “Energy Points Log” as mentioned in this thread, but I could not see any delete option. I also could not delete the rules (at least one rules should be active it seems).

Please help. I want to delete instead of disable because I am just creating a test user and testing again., so I do not want traces of this, completely wipe this user out and start fresh.

For now, disable the user. We are currently working on fixing this issue and it should be fixed soon. For now, disabling the user is the only option.

Hope this helps.

In that case, at least provide us with energy points disabled by default. I now am proceeding to wipe entire data to start fresh on erpnext, and in next start to disable energy points. It was exciting to start erpnext as it looked fresh, modern and simple, but these barriers are tiring that I cannot even delete a user being an admin. When we decide to delete a user, his energy points are also meant to go with him, so why could not I delete that as well :frowning:

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