Energy Point Problem - Cannot Delete User

Since introduction of energy points i have encountered a problem.
I cannot delete a user because its linked to energy point log.
Energy point log has no option to be deleted. How to delete Energy Point Log ???



There is two solutions

  1. You can disable the user .
  2. Logged In as Administrator. Go to role permission manager . Select energy point log in the document type . check delete .

The rules do not have delete option. Pl help.

Hi There. May I know the status of this error. Because I’m getting the same issue.
I cannot delete the user because of the Energy Point Log

Maybe deleting from the Database directly could be the solution? Will it cause any future problems?

Im really not sure if that’s will be safe solutions. Deleting at the back-end. might cause something.

Actually the best approach is deleting the energy points log other than deleting from the database.
It’s something have already done it should be working, but remember to allow deleting on the DOCTYPE in role permission manager based on your role either as a system manager or any other role.

Checking on the Role Permission Manager. It doesnt have DELETE features.

Well, mine has got option
which version are you using?

ERPNext: v13.0.0-beta.12 (version-13-beta)

Frappe Framework: v13.0.0-beta.11 (version-13-beta)

Ive got version 12

ERPNext: v12.17.0 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.14.0 (version-12)

Well, Guess you need to do some updates.

Thanks! My Friend. Will going to schedule it.

Great, You’re welcome.

Please DON’T update to V13 yet, if this is a production setup. As V13 is still in Beta stage, you could get any major changes that could disturb your instance’s stability. Wait for a stable release of V13, if you intend to upgrade.