Create New Module on Left

I use erpnext v13. Is it possible to add a new custom module to appear on the left?

Hi @joeK,

Just only create a workspace your according to then reload and check in the sidebar.

If your requirement of new module development and store in a custom app then you can create a module and also show in the sidebar.

Thank You!

Hi @NCP ,
I’ve made it in the workspace but it doesn’t appear in the left bar, name Form Kerusakan

appears in the workspace but does not appear in the sidebar

Which version do you use?

Please open it and share image.

I use this version

This is my configuration for my new workspace Form Kerusakan

Hello @joeK,

Just create a doctype and add it to the workspace…It worked for me

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Hi @joeK,

@erpnxt_user is right. added some doctypes and reports.
Then reload and check.

Otherwise, update your version.


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i already made doctype like this, but still now showing

Hi @joeK,

Remove tick from Hide Cutom doctype …

Add tick, pin to top.

Then reload and check it.

If not work then please update your version.


Where is the Add tick, pin to top place?

Yes @joeK.

Like this but still not showing up on the left side, Is there something missing?

Hi @joeK,

I create a workspace. Please check it.


Thanks For your help Sir, But stil now working.

is the steps are like this, right?

  1. Create Workspace
  2. Create Doctype


Exiting DocType also work.


hI @NCP ,

Could you tell me step by step for create new module on sidebar?
I’ve done the above but it still doesn’t work

Please help

I think you should update your version.
After that, your problem will solve.

Thank You!

Sometimes you have to logout and login to make the new workspace appear, plz try this.
I followed these instructions to create a module: 26. Desk Page Left Side Menu - Add Your App ERPNext Menu - YouTube

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Dear All,

:pray: Thank you for the support.
The module has appeared