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I am quite new to ERPNext and been doing a lot of reading and watching youtube tutorials but couldn’t find anything that would solve my problem. I am testing ERPNext as a possible alternative for our current SAP ERP system on a VirtualBox. I’ve managed to create a solution to be able to export data from our current SAP system to ERPNext. We are a machine manufacturing company where each of our machines has several configurations. I am currently facing the hurdle of configuring the Machine engineering BOM in an efficient way similar to SAP as using the item variant solution in ERPNext would end up creating over 1000 variants of each machine which makes it quite unsustainable. Is there a way to be able to configure the Engineering BOM, where each selection criteria would allow to either choose a specific item/BOM from that EBOM to finally achieve a configuration BOM similar to SAP?

I found a topic that suggested a solution for such a problem but I couldn’t manage to get it installed. Also, the community reviews on it weren’t very promising as it seems it’s still in the Beta stage. See below link for the topic:
[[New Feature] Config to order: ERPNext version of SAP’s variant configuration – APP published, testing needed - ERPNext - Discuss Frappe/ERPNext]([New Feature] Config to order: ERPNext version of SAP's variant configuration -- APP published, testing needed)

Your response and help are highly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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I am the author of the mentioned custom APP, unfortunately it is not mature enough to be used directly at the moment, it is not compatible with newly released version-13.

I am wondering whether it is possible to provide more detailed business case with sample data and expected features, then we can see whether it is feasible to re-activate the development of the custom APP .

Thanks for your interest.


I am not an expert but adding my 2 cents here. It seems like you should explore the BOM Template feature introduced in v13. As I understand it is related to process-based manufacturing.


I have version 12.9 installed. I’ve managed to upgrade to version 13. Will check the BOM Template if that does the trick. I’ve already read through the BOM template discussion on the form but it didn’t mention that it needed v13 to work. I’ll give it a shot and update you.
[Process Based Manufacturing BOM Templates New Approach - ERPNext / Manufacturing - Discuss Frappe/ERPNext](Process Based Manufacturing BOM Templates New Approach)

What I need is to be able to choose attributes from a master BOM, machine BOM, where each selection of that attribute would select a BOM / item in that master BOM. For example:
We have a machine called Machine 1, where:

BOM-Machine 1:
BOM - item1 (Single Outfeed)
BOM - item2 (Double Outfeed)
item3 (Siemens Panel)
item 4 (Mitsubishi Panel)
BOM - item4 (Common Items)

To be able to order Machine 1 it is required to select:
Type of outfeed:
Single (BOM - item1 is chosen)
Double (BOM - item2 is chosen)
Type of Panel:
Siemens (item3 is chosen)
Mitsubishi (item4 is chosen)

Hence, for the above Machine 1 EBOM, if we select Single and Siemens, we would end up with the below configuration BOM:
BOM-Machine 1:
BOM - item1 (Single Outfeed)
item3 (Siemens Panel)
BOM - item4 (Common Items)

So instead of having to create 4 variants of the machine, we only create one machine BOM and configure that BOM based on order options.

Now imaging if Machine one has 10 different selections with 5 options in each, we would end up with 9’765’625 different variants of Machine 1.

I’ve recently updated to version 13. I’ll check the BOM template option in version 13 and update you if that did the trick. Meanwhile, please feel free to keep me updated on your app development.

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seems your case is simple and straight forward,the existing feature is far more than enough,I am wondering whether there are further related requirements such as auto calculate sales price based on configuration,serial number tracking of the configured machine? re-use exist ing configuration from other sales order, configuration completeness and conflict options checking etc?

Yes, you are right. The sales price is calculated based on machine configuration and company currency. Routing operations are also chosen based on machine configuration. The serial number should be autogenerated but that should be based on machine order, i.e. each production order, then there are ECOs and connecting change numbers to BOMs.