CREDIT NOTE - Negative Value / Credit Note Issued


Must confess that not an accounts person, I am purely into manufacturing, however need to handle some account related things.

Can someone help with credit note / credit note issued.

Usually we raise the credit note against invoice here is the screen shot

is correct to have a negative value for credit note? to my knowledge in tally -(negative) values will not show in a credit note

Whereas when i go and check in sales invoice and select “credit note issued” in drop down, its perfect.

However having said that the recent issued or created credit note from invoice is not appearing in “credit note issued” list, instead of its showing in only in “Return” (basically it should come under “credit note issued”


Any feedback on this…?
or am I missing or confused with whole process of creating credit note


Hi @rakshitha,

  • Credit Note Issued : The Item is returned by the Customer and a Credit Note is created against this invoice.
  • Return : It is assigned to Credit Note created against the original Sales Invoice. Though you can also create a standalone Credit Note.




Mr.Patel, thanks for this. I have resolved this with your help.

However as I raised the credit note against invoice the series of credit note capturing invoice series, I am absolutely ok with reference number of Sales Invoice in credit note, whereas I need different series number for credit note. Here is the screenshot.


Hi @rakshitha,

In that case, you can define separate credit note series when your credit note makes from the invoice then select a series.

So you can track to find out Credit Note.

Thank You!