CRM functionality questions


Ive done some digging on the CRM features, and either Im missing something or ERPNext does not work this way.

In all the other CRMs we have used, once you add leads/opportunities you can then send e-mails to them, and with a template, then the CRM will track that. I see the CRM module can track inbound e-mails and can auto create a new lead it looks like, but can I do anything like send a template e-mail to them, and then track the replies and the entire chain? We want this so we can track e

If ERPNext does not do this, is there a 3rd party module that can? I have not seen this anywhere, unless im searching for the wrong thing.


Fellow CRM user here. It would appear that ERPnext’s CRM is very basic in regards to communication. There is no way that I’ve seen to track the whole e-mail chain and no way to Cc: or forward to the CRM on incoming emails to your personal email address if it’s not one of the catch-all addresses.

That’s a bummer, I was hoping I was missing something. It almost seems like I have to run another CRM or deal with the very basic featureset. This should be fun :slight_smile:

ERPNext has Standard Reply feature, that way you can create such email content as per your requirement and use them while sending. This option will reply your selected email content you already have prepared. It’s really simple and easy to use similar to template format. Also it will keep a track of your email communication in the system as well.

Well I guess you have your query solved, no need for any other CRM… :blush:

Have a look at the screen shot for more clarity.


There it is! I figured it had to have something, just was looking for the wrong wording of it. Thanks so much for the help, this looks like it should work like I was hoping it would.

Thanks again!

@Pranjali_Gaikwad Does the standard reply option include the ability to include an attached document (automatically every time I use the standard reply)?

The other part of @bradbendy 's question was the tracking of all communications with the lead/client, and this is still a problem area for me. If I send a quotation to a lead by e-mail, that e-mail is saved in the quotation record, not the lead or client record.

@PeterDF Im going to some testing today, so I will see how it logs it, this is a fresh install as of yesterday, so it’s on the latest code, our dev box was a few rev’s old.

Doing some more searching it appears others want the attachment feature as well (as I do), I also need to add doctype variables so I can really customize this. I think Im going to raise a issue and see what the dev cost are. Would you be interested in this as well @PeterDF? I think they charge $100 per hour so it may not be to costly to add.

@bradbendy I’m definitely interested in this feature but wouldn’t want to bear the cost on my own. What’s the easiest way to get a bunch of people to contribute 5 or 10 bucks each?

I could also try and get a quote for the dev work here in Mexico — might be cheaper.

Another great feature I have seen with numerous CRMs is the capability to integrate with a map. This feature is especially useful in planning a travel itinerary for customer visits to a particular area.

We should put a list of desired CRM enhancements together and then obtain a quote for PD. My company would certainly be willing to contribute.

@sellisjr OK I created a new thread here