Custom field disappears while submitting a document

Hi Guys ,

First let me thank you guys for the continued support , I am struck now , the custom field I created disappears while I submit the document .

I created a custom field in the stock entry doc , it disappears while I submit the document .

Any help ?


Hi @Muthu,

Check fields Depends On conditions in Custom Field or in Customize Form.

Also, normally if any field doesn’t have any value then It will be kept hidden after the document is submitted.

Thanks, Makarand

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Hi @makarand_b ,

My custom field is not blank and also I checked Depends On condition in Custom Field , nothing is there .

Please help

Any help ? Thanks

My actual problem is in stock entry I have to refer the production order no when transferring the materials from one workstation to the other even when the manufacturing gets completed . Once the manufacturing is completed I am not able to use the same production order , it shows a error message that BOM is required .

Entering the production order should automatically fetch the item and qty even when the production is completed . I am really struck with this . Please someone help me to sort out this issue.


Please could anyone help me ? The data in my custom field disappears when I click on the save button .


The clean_up function in the stock_entry js file comes into play , please could anyone guide me to surpass this validation, I am struck for the past three days with this .

Please help


Faced a similar issue in this topic

Is there any workaround ? Someone please help me . I am struggling for the past three days .


Hi Guys ,

Any help ? Thanks .

Hi Guys,
i faced similar issue …pls anyone help me.

was that field empty, if yes then it would disappear on submit because on submit fields become read only (unless that field have been allowed to be edited after submit)

Thanks For Reply,
I am not submitting that record i 'm trying to save and performing on action button for one user role.

Do you mean you have setup a Workflow for that document ?

Does that action lead to a state where docstatus is 1, if yes then you are submitting the document even if that action is named approved or something else.

i given workflow state but the docstatus is 0

is that field empty or has some data ?

Yes ,field have data

What is the permlevel of that field ? You can find it in the Customize.

Also check if there is something in Depends on. Same will be found out in Customize, when

Use Customize if it is a default ERPNext document and Edit Doctype if it is your document in a custom app.

yeah i already gave the permlevel 1 for the user role(manager),and it has no depends on condition

i given the depends on condition for some fields…this fields only dissappear after submit

Okay @Jecintha I think you also are facing the same problem as in this link:

Refer to that solution I gave there and I think you should be able to solve it.

It is quite possible that the logged in user’s role does not have edit permissions on that particular state i.e. Approved in your case , mentioned in the workflow.