Customer naming series


Im struggling to get the customer naming series to work. As default im seeing that it uses the customer name as key and has a naming series code “CUST-” but cannot see where to set it to use this naming series. I read some posts about the global settings but even after deleting the settings which i tought where used its still using name as key. Then looked into the code and tried there and still nothing.

Anything I mised, can you tell me how i can get the naming series to use the codes set?

Thanking you in advance.


Set Customer Naming By to “Naming Series”, under Selling > Setuo > Selling Settings.

You can manage naming series from Setup > Settings > Naming Series

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@saurabh6790, i see that under setup>naming series>setup series i see for customer it is set to “CUST-” but when creating a new customer its still using the customer name. So this setting is still ignored somehow.

have you set Customer Naming By to “Naming Series” under Selling Settings?

Oh now i understand what you mean…i was only looking in one place setup>naming series. I had to also check and change selling>setup>selling setup and change “Customer Naming by” to naming series.

sorry, put some details so other will find it :wink:

Thanks @saurabh6790, its working now.