Customization for Diamonds & Jewelry


We are looking to customize ERPNext for the diamond and jewelry industry. Has something like this been done already for this industry?




I have been working with the diamond and jewelry industry, its quite complicated to implement in ERPNext. We are in work in process.

Hi Dinesh,

Is there a code base that you are working on and can we contribute/help?

What are the complexities of this domain? Please do share. Maybe there are other customizations that the community has done that can be tweaked to address some of the needs of the Jewelry and Diamond business.




@JayRam Jewellery Industry specially retail or wholesale where products manufactured are from multiple sources and complexity of costing creates a big challenge.

Creating ERP integration for manufacturer or traders who deal in single type of product can easily be done.

I am a Jeweller and I have current Inventory management on VB.Net with SQL server, this program was developed in 2005 with a small group of people who are no longer accessible (Nor I have code), so I learned VB.Net and started programming.

I am just couple of days old in ERPNext and trying to research on how we can integrate it into Jewellery Industry and understand its limitations (If any :slight_smile:) .

Lets hope I learn enough of ERPNext.



Hey! Welcome to EERPNext!

Here’s hoping you have a great experience with ERPNext and on the community.

You are not alone. You can leverage community resources to make it faster and easier.



Thank you so much @JayRam, and what ever I learnt is because of awesome community support and open source platform like this.

Hello @hbaxton @abhay9sap

I have been in jewellery ERP system since 12 years, and we have tried to make customisation in ERPNext without success. jewellery business is very complex in process and to manage the same in ERPNEXT requires core functional changes which are not recommended. Thus we started everything from scratch and developed complete package. If you are interested we can see how we can work together.

@abhay9sap it would be great to connect and maybe collaborate. Can you email me here:

@hbaxton @dineshpanchal432 @Arvind_Sawant did you see this thread?

Hi @opentechiz, I just read that. It is a very specific question for our industry for a specific use case for that person. I am curious to see what core issues @abhay9sap ran into before attempting to use ERPNext for diamond/jewelry manufacturing.

Yes, went through the whole thread. We have already captured such functionality within our product. As I said earlier gems & jewellery industry needs vertical ERP rather than horizontal ERP product serving multiple industry verticals, as gems & jewellery industry has very specific requirements which may need Core customization which is not possible in horizontal (Standard) ERP. I have closely seen ERP like MS dynamics and SAP failing due to this constraint. my intention is not against open source ERP or ERPNext. I personally prefer Open Source but having said that custom development needs lots of efforts and time and if end results are not achieved it all goes in vain.

I think this is very much possible to do, just that the thinking used in ERPNext based customization is slightly different than other products as it has to follow some design rules of Frappe Framework and achieve the required objectives, at times with a different inclination.

If some one has reached the goal of customising ERP NEXT for diamond and jewelry industry. Please let me know i’ll be interested in the implementation of the same. I’ll pay for it.

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your team able to come up with jewelry module for ERPNext like GST, Supply chain, finance for manufacturing. Please call me so that we can connect and understand more