Customize Form View

I want to adjust the form view as , please kindly help.

Can someone review for this issue ?

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What specific info do you seek?

ERPNext is well documented with videos and written - you have review that for starters?

This forum is a gold mine as you well know

HI Clarkej,
I want to modify form view , Created Date shoud be " DD/MM/YY " not “1d” or " 4h"

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Here are notes from my search -

This sets the Quotation listview

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Just hover your mouse over the 21h and you would get the exact date and time.

I don’t think there is a way to show the exact date and time and I guess the primary reason is that showing the exact date and time takes more space and you generally don’t need this info for all list view items in a snapshot.

I guess this is a standard which every software, be it facebook, github etc, follow so I don’t think you would get your will fulfilled.

By the way: when doing payment entry, which code is responsible on updating the sales invoice status which will be shown in the list view?