How to set the default filters in the list view

I am maintaining two series PO- and PO-BB- for purchase order
Onload of list view of Purchase Order ,I want to display only those records having series PO-BB.
Please let me know,how to set default filter for series.

You can add global filters by adding to

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How would I do this in the hosted version?

I used the ToDo section a lot, and when I load it, it always “Allocated to” as a default filter. If I go to Customize Form, the Allocated To entry does not have “In List View” checked"

This is customized via code. Can you explain your use case.

I am head of a team. I create ToDo tasks for my teammates to perform. So, I use the ToDo section to monitor the status of things. When I visit the ToDo page, the default filter of “allocated to = me” doesn’t help since everything is allocated to everyone else. I’d rather just have it not preselected for me as a filter.

You can remove this if you want

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Hi ,

What if the filter by value arrives from a promise?

I will post my code below…

frappe.listview_settings['Courses'] = {
	add_fields: [],
	onload: function(listview) {
		frappe.route_options = {
			"academic_year": getCurrentAcid()
function getCurrentAcid()
				method: "frappe.client.get_value", 
				args: { 
					    doctype: "Academic Year",
					    fieldname: "academic_year",
						filters: { status: 1 },
				 callback: function(r) {
					    return r.message.academic_year;

( works fine, i’ve checked)
here academic_year gets value after callback which takes time and it doesn’t work.

Any idea how I can make it right?

Or can I do it using python ?


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Better to load the current academic year via boot (like current fiscal year)

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That looks like a good idea. But could you please tell me where the current fiscal year is loaded on boot?

You can hook this method: erpnext/ at develop · frappe/erpnext · GitHub