Customize Home Workspace for all users

I would like to customize the “YOUR SHORTCUTS” for the Home Workspace of all users by default without manually editing each user’s Workspace settings. How can I achieve this in ERPNext v13? Which files should I edit?


I have the same question

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Is it possible? We have same issue.

@yasserelbana To achieve this in V13 you need to edit the Home - Desk Page

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I can’t find the “desk page” section, only “workspace”, where should I look? Thanks

Edit Home Workspace or remove Home Workspace and create your own Workspace with name Home.

This can be done by creating your own workspace or editing the core once.
In previous version it was called as Desk Page, in V13 it Workspace
Just type workspace in search,
Select Workspace
Then search the Workspace you want edit or create new one.
For older version you can refer this thread How to add desk page cards

I tried creating a new workspace. I created it inside my custom app module and created two shortcuts to two doctypes. But it is not visible anywhere. Where can I find it?

Check this @raheeb :

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Hi all,

I found this from the forum from one of the developer. This is small function for Workspace by Role base. I tried and it works.


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I have the same question

have you guys find the answer for this particular problem?