Customize item list view

Hi to all,
I like to know if it’s possible to customize item list view adding some fields from:

In the left column I add a tag of one of my filed but i don’t know how :stuck_out_tongue: if someone can help me.

In the central part of page instead, I like to add some item field that i added in the item form.
Any suggestion?


For adding Field1, Field2 you should try to set “in_list_view”:1 for those fields about tag I can not help sorry

If I check the flag “In list view” the field appear in Report but not in the list.
It’s seems that only standard field are shown in the list while custom fields are not shown.
Anyone can confirm?


Hi) Can you add in erpnext.stock.doctype.item.item_list.js
frappe.listview_settings[‘Item’] = {
colwidths: {“subject”: 3, “indicator”: 2},


The “In list view” flag affects the lists too, but in some conditions it doesn’t. There is ongoing discussion here: How to create Filter link in side bar?