Customize Weekend

it seems like the weekend is set to Saturday and Sunday by default.
This is not true for us as we are UAE based.
How can I customize this? The weekend is Friday / Saturday for us?


Where d you wish to configure this? If it is in the Holiday list, you can select any day as weekly off. If in your case it is Friday and Saturday, select that in holiday list and click on “Add to Holiday”.

Hope this helps.

I got this already.
I am looking for an global setting to define weekends.
When I open the Vacation Calendar and hide the weekend Saturday and Sunday are hidden.
This is wrong as Sunday is a working day.

@wackefra, did you get any update on this?
i am also trying to update the setting on what day to hide when clicking on the hidding weekend.

No, I didn’t get any update.

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To configure it in the calendar view.

I found the answer if you still looking for it
inside /sites/assets/frappe/js/lib/fullcalendar/fullcalendar.min.js search for
(“weekends”)&&n.push(0,6) 0 and 6 are the days that wll be hidden . you can change it to just 6 to hide only saturday . or create a field in settings and get the data from database.

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Annoying it is on the Frappe stack. Ideally you would like this to be customizable.