Customizing erpnext UI


I am trying to Customize the UI,
Like designing fonts, hyperlinks, left menu bar alignment
, and changing a theme. A little bit of it

What are the possibilities to achieve this?

Is there any possibility of using CSS framework like bootstrap, tailwind.
Any custom app is available for it.

Check out the reference, and how a custom app for a theme works and what it requires.

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Thank you @NCP


Is there possibility to add custom icon.


Please check the reference:

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I am trying add an icon on home page shortcuts. Where I seen there is a icon feature already in ERP version 15. But it seem a text field not a icon field.

But it seems not working. Or did I am missing something.

I already provide the reference in above post with code.

Yes, I refered that, based on which I worked.

This is my current UI,

Here Item is a shortcut, where erp itself provided a icon for it. That one is not working. Which is what I asked.

Did you know anything about that.

No idea, I just provided @OmarJaber’s reference.

Thankyou for the response