Daily P&L and P&L by Class

Hello all

Has anyone worked on been able to generate daily P&L and not just the monthly option we have now ?

I will also like to know if anyone has done anything on generating P&L by Cost center where all the Cost Centers are lined up vertically like the months currently do?

Will appreciate any contribution.


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This might be related to this topic: Profit and Loss statement daily - #8 by lasalesi

Will check that out , thanks !

Any ideas on the class issue ??

Not sure if I understand what you mean by classes? For me, the P&L is organised in groups defined by the account group…

Sorry I meant cost center .

Would like to see a P&L report showing the result for all cost centres at a glance.

You can apply a cost center filter in the above mentioned query on the GL Entry table…

the query is not generating a proper profit and loss
just a summary of income and expenses and in a funny manner

Can you share an idea of what you have ?

Please refer to the notes in the code. If you need the regular P&L, exchange with root_type = “Income” / “Expense”. And then it works if your chart of accounts is set up properly.

Any report for profit and loss with cost centers?