Dashboard application

I am currently migrating from a POS software that provides a dashboard view and was wondering if there are any plans to have something similar in ERPnext.

I’ve included some screenshots and explanations for clarification.

Listed are a pie graph showing the breakdown of the payments (can be modified by time period such as for the day, week, month)

Record totals - self explanatory

Sales year over year - can be modified in terms of transactions, qty of units, dollar revenue. The time period shows this time last year.

Best selling items, which can be modified by time period.

Sales over time - time graph or day graph.

The dashboard can be customized by different content, and you can add/remove and modify the content based on the field.

Based off this discussion I dont think so…

@jpp If you are a developer, you can make such dashboard using Chart Gallery  |  Charts  |  Google Developers

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