Data Import Error - Please correct the format of the file and import again

Hello Team

I’m trying to import data into Item master. I keep getting one or both of the following errors:

  1. POPUP:
    Same file has already been attached to the record

  2. Import Log
    Import Failed
    Please correct the format of the file and import again.

Here’s what I’ve tried:

  1. Limiting transactions to 150 items
  2. Trying CSV and XLSX
  3. Renaming the files
  4. Deleting old files from the server file system and ERPNext file list.
  5. Reload page (with cache cleared)

Also noted:

  1. Console brings no error logs
  2. Using ERPNext V9.x

I am working with a lot of imports to get legacy data into a relatively new set up.
Most common problem I have had with imports is a “required” field column of data that is not correctly populated. Specifically, I had errors in the “ID”(2nd column in xlsx files) if they weren’t quoted properly and/or the name-series didn’t match.
From there, make sure that the UOMs match. It probably depends on what doctype you’re importing, so maybe mention that if it still fails once you’ve checked.
I found that the best way is to input one dummy record, then export with data, and us the resulting xlsx file to feed data back (erase the dummy row when you do this)
Hope this helps

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You got it right there!

Apparently its the error message which is misleading. It should have instead said Mandatory field ‘field_name’ can not be empty or something.

Thanks buddy!

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