Data Import to Custom Doctype Error

I want to import data into a custom doctype and then an error appears Import File Errors and Warnings

What should I do?

This error like below

@joeK cant see the full error . scroll up a little bit

Hi @bahaou ,

error like this…

@joeK they dont look like errors . can you just press start import ?

Can’t, because there is errors and warnings :confused:


my csv file like this

and my doctype like this

@joeK have you downloaded the template ? it better be an excel sheet .

i have already but still same.

i check on console, show this error

I think there’s a general problem with importing DocType definitions

Hi @EugeneP .
Looks like the problem is the same as mine. I using erpnext v13.16.0

Any idea what’s causing this?

Hi. Everyone.

After I tried to find out, it turned out that there was a shortage in the json config file

miss “pause_scheduler”:0 in config file.

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Hi @joeK

After editing …frappe-bench/sites/common_site_config.json directly by adding

"pause_scheduler": 0

did you then restart bench with

bench start

I cannot get my imports to succeed. Were you successful?

Hi @EugeneP
after editing must restart server.

If it still doesn’t work, make sure that during the erpnext installation process nothing is corrupted.