Delivery Note / Sales Order didn't change status when Items Delivered are Different Batches


I have checked this on ERPNext Cloud.

Delivery Note - Same items different batches sent.

Sales Order - Status still showing “To Deliver and Bill” when it should be “To Bill”

Delivery Note - Still show “To Bill” even when Sales Invoice has been paid. Status still showing "To Deliver and Bill

These bugs have been reported at:

How are you adding the second row in the Delivery Note? Are you adding the 2nd row manually, after pulling first row from sales order.
I think one/both row does not the reference of sales order.

Yes, I added the second row manually. Else, how do you suggest to do different batches?

Of course, we are able to do separate delivery notes for different batches at the moment but in terms of user needs, it has to be able to transact under 1 delivery note.

After pulling first row from Sales Order, change the qty as per batch 1. Then again pull the item from Sales Order using “Get Items From” button, it should pull pending qty in a separate row, assign it batch 2.

This way it will update delivered qty in Sales Order for both rows.

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@nabinhait Thank you very much!