[Demo] [v7] Editable grids

You can directly add on the grid, without opening the tab and its keyboard friendly!



Thats great! This will save a lot of time and many mouse clicks…
I hope this feature will be extended in a similar way to quick entry. If all mandatory fields are already in list view, the grid could be editable.


Great job

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Hello, thanks for the amazing software and the v7 update, editable grids is by far a fastest way for data entry, just to point out as seen in the video when pressing tab the user move between the spaces and then to the add new row button which automatically place the cursor in the 2 row and so on.
im trying yo replicate the same behavior but in the beta page user has to do it manually in each row.

@Randy_Lowery got missed due to an update. Fixing it in the next patch release.

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Can anyone please advise whether or where a video may be to demo Editable Grid?

Say an animated feature or instruction video on Youtube of a Timesheet or other use case example?

The link to the demo above on Dropbox is now a 404 not found.


Question: Do DataTable and Editable grid refer to one and the same tool feature?

That seems to be the case since this one here GitHub - frappe/datatable: The Missing Javascript Datatable for the Web

is listed here too editable-grid · GitHub Topics · GitHub

The first link shows a video clip of DataTable drag and drop editing and filter live action :slight_smile:

Both are completely different implementations, the datagrid project will replace the report grid in V11. Not sure about the form grid. That is a much bigger project!

Thanks Rushabh so you are saying Editable Grid and a DataTable are in fact separate critters. In which case I hope to spot an Editable Grid to fill my understanding gap…

Editable grid is a part of the framework, not developed as a separate lib (unlike Datagrid)

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