Developing Document Managment app on erpnext

We are about developing a document management app as part of erpnext, and the features have been taken from Mayan EDMS

Proposed Features:

  1. Document Categorization (Document types, Cabinets, Indexing(Automatic categorization))
    2. Quick Label(Files fast naming)
    3. Document Metadata (Input Data, File Metadata)
    4. OCR
    5. Versioning
    6. Managing Collaboration Document Editing(Check out(Block editing), Check in(Allow editing))
    7. Full Text Search
    8. Signing A Document (Digital signatures)
    9. Deduplication(List Duplicate Files)
    10. Document Workflow based on Document Category
    11. Link Multiple Documents together (Manually, Automatically(Smart Link))
    12. Preview Document
    13. Document Source(Staging folder, E-mail, Watch folder)
    14. Workflow State Chart* (chart draw the relation between steps in workflow)
    15. Auditing & Events (Time scheduled events)
    16. Document Subscription (To be notified on any edition)
    17. Two Step Deletion & Deletion Policies (Deletion settings)
    18. Managing Files Permission based on File, Document Type, Cabinets, etc… (Inherited access control)
    19. Support Inbound & Outbound.

If you have any other useful features for app please share it.



will your app open sourced and host on github?

We are currently in the scoping stage. But yes, ultimately this well be open sourced and contributed to the Frappe/ERPNext project.


why dont you use Nextcloud. It is already integrated

Is the nextlcoud integration right now not limited as backup solution?

if so, @amadhaji project could maybe also consider to improve the nextcloud integration, as many other things are available and it is “just” necessary to improve the integration intself?

If next-cloud integration is being in the mind from day one , then lot of functionality will be automatically available and this DMS Integration will opens up many doors for new functionality.

Hi @amadhaji
Is your app ready to use or test? Its look very impressive.

@Dale_Scott @nash

is limited as backup solutions ?

we need document management system for medium size company has workflows and edit document , etc …

is nextcloude has the all functionality ?

Let me just jump in :slight_smile:

There is sth. what they call “Workflow” in nextcloud: Workflow - Nextcloud
There is the option for collaborating/ online document editing, as well as versioning, full text search and many other of what you are looking for.

Just for you reference, they have a “App Approach” to extend the core features, maybe give it a look: Office & text - App Store - Nextcloud

What I see as most challenging here is, that the mentioned integration into ERPNext is right now limited to a backup-solution (similar as what you can do with Dropbox or AWS S3 within ERPNext). But maybe that could be a good starting point.
The integration was initiated by @wojosc - maybe you can jump in here, if there are maybe already plans on extend the existing integration, so that there can be maybe a co-development on additional features…

I know I want it, but I’m not sure exactly how I would use integrated document control. Can I suggest compiling a list of user stories? From the user stories will come common ground, and hopefully enough common ground for a common solution to suffice. If differences are found too significant for a common solution, then a “framework for a document control integration” may be the only common strategy, with a reference implementation that can be used for guidance.

Engineering and manufacturing companies generate a variety of engineering and manufacturing documents to support their business, such as fabrication drawings, inspection drawings, assembly and test procedures, etc.

User Story 1. As a purchaser for an engineering and manufacturing company, it would be convenient to include the current approved fabrication drawing set for the part with the PO instead of asking engineering for the drawing package and sending it separately by email without traceability.

User Story 2. As a manufacturing worker, it would be convenient if an internal manufacturing work order referenced required documentation (and version) to follow in completing the manufacturing process.

User Story 3. As a quality inspector, it would be convenient if serialized or batch manufactured product was traceable to the version of the test procedure used.


As a manufacturing worker, it will be convenient to have:

  1. The program to be loaded into the machine and router moved to that workstation.

  2. A related video to what needs to be done shown on a Chrome book or something similar, such as tool-setting, jig/fixture-setup, CAM program setup, material setup, etc. stored with the correct version on the doc mgmt system shown appropriately on the Chrome book or the like.

  3. The possibility of generating a report: compliant part, non-compliant part, or partially compliant with a few additional ops, stored with details (photos, QR codes, CMM results) into the doc mgmt system, and cross-referenced with ERPNext.

  4. Possibility to trigger First Article Inspection, and storage and retrieval of relevant data with version control.

  5. QR-Code based router for next ops… and repeat till all the manufacturing procedures are done.

Did anything ever come of this?

I had been looking at Mayan EDMS for document management/revision. If there were the same features in a Frappe app or integrations with Mayan it would be amazing!

any update in this app?