Discount % or Discount Amt Margin % or Margin Amt

At the Purchase Order or any Transactions, Whenever the rate changes say from 1000 to 500 or from 1000 to 1500,
Discount % or Discount Amt Margin % or Margin Amt gets displayed in case of Rate Changes for that Item, Why it is so? and How we can disable this if we do not want or in use case if we have 4 items out of which we want a self defined discount which we mention but for rest 2 Item we do not want but here also the systems captures the Discount and how to make non-display in that 2 Items?

How to disbale this as where we do not want the system to do and also it impacts the Print Format. We do not want every time to manually remove this at the item Level

Hi @jitendra,

If you change the rate upon the price list rate the automatically apply discount but if you change the price list rate then does not apply the discount.

If an item has a price list rate and you change the rate you can’t disable discount.
if the item hasn’t a price list rate and then you change the rate then you can set the discount accordingly.

Thank You!

@NCP Thanks a million Tons.